The Pug – Playful and Charming

Pugs are fun and cute dogs that generally add much to a household. They are easy to care for, but present a few challenges due to their spirited nature.

General Appearance and Description

The pug is often called the cutest of all dogs, and it’s likely due to his characteristic stocky and compact body and his punched in face. He has a square body that is framed by a sleek, soft coat and accented by a forehead that looks to be in a perpetual state of worry.

Most pugs are apricot, fawn, black or silver colored. They will all have a black muzzle and prominent eyes. The eyes are nearly always dark and thoughtful. Pugs have short tails that are usually tightly curled.

Basic Temperament

Pug owners often refer to them as bigger dogs than their size allows. This is due to their very large personality. Pugs are playful and charm nearly everyone they come in contact with. That’s likely as much a process affected by their sweet looks as their sweet personality. They are affectionate and loving and intensely loyal. Pugs are quite smart as well.

But pug dog breeders will tell you that these dogs are willful and hard to handle, especially if the humans let them believe they are smarter and stronger than the humans.

If you don’t establish yourself as the leader of the pack, the pug will, and he might exhibit some troubling behaviors like guarding furniture or other things in the house. While they are not aggressive dogs, pugs can be firm about their need to guard, simply because nobody else has stepped into the role of leader.

Care required

While they might take a bit of work in the behavior department, pugs are easy to care for. They need a good brushing every now and then and a shampoo only when absolutely necessary.

Because black pug puppies and other pugs are very short haired, it’s important to dry them off after a bath quickly and wrap them in a towel to prevent chills.

The creases on the face which give the pug their distinctive look require some care. They must be cleaned regularly with a cotton ball.

While they are very short haired, pugs do shed heavily a few times a year.

Exercise Requirements

Pugs should be taken on regular walks, but these aren’t dogs that require a lot of physical stimulation. Most of them, in fact, can’t handle too much of that at all. They are very sensitive to climate, so taking them out in cold or hot weather is not advised.

Because they don’t require intense physical activity, pugs are a good choice for people who live in apartments or small spaces. Regardless of their living arrangements, because of their sensitivity to heat and cold, they should be kept mostly indoors.


Pugs aren’t the most trainable of dogs, but they can be trained and will enjoy having some structure.

Because they are highly intelligent and somewhat clever, pugs do become tired quickly of training methods, so be sharp and mix things up when you are training these dogs.

Height and Weight

Most male pugs will be about 12 to 14 inches tall and 13 to 20 pounds. Female pugs will be a bit smaller, with a height around 10 to 12 inches and will weigh about 13 to 18 pounds.

Health and Longevity

Pug dogs generally have a good number of health problems.

Your pug is prone to colds and, as we discussed earlier, will be stressed by extremes in weather, from cold to hot.

The short muzzle on the pug causes breathing problems and they are prone to wheezing and other chronic breathing issues.

Pugs are prone to obesity, so watching their diet is essential. Some are prone to laziness, too, so it’s best to force your pug to walk and get some exercise.

Finally, any pug owner can speak to the pug’s penchant for snoring. They snore loudly and often, and many a pug owner has lost some sleep in the night until they learn how to deal with the snoring.

In general, pugs are hearty dogs, and can live to be about 12 to 15 years old on average.


Pugs get along well with other dogs and in general with other pets in the house. They love children and enjoy meeting new people. Their addition to the household is usually a good one.

Pugs also make excellent pets for senior citizens, who enjoy their laid back and friendly nature and their ability to make good lap pets.

Further Information

Further information about the Pug can be found here.

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